Products & Platforms

LAN Innovations offers a full suite of products and platforms designed to make it easy for every user and every enterprise to accelerate adoption of the emerging technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, AR and Blockchain with fruitful outcomes.

Our Products

LAN Innovations offers a variety of AI and machine learning platforms such as the iAssist and iChat, which integrates well with ITSMs and CRMs to automate IT Support and Customer Support. We have an next generation project management tool that integrates well with Enterprise Softwares such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle.

Accelerate Your IT Support Strategy with iAssist

iAssist is an AI-powered IT self-service chatbot and enterprise support platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to address IT support queries.

Boost Your productivity with iProject

iProject is an Enterprise Project Management Software which makes planning easy, fosters collaboration, allows a bird’s eye view for all company projects and how they intertwine, and allows for easy project management (including workflow, demand, cost and budget, and resource management features).