SAP Mobile Applications

SAP offers best-in-class Mobility Solutions for Enterprise Asset Management and Inventory & Warehouse Management. Choosing a right partner for SAP Implementation is highly important to run the hassle-free business processes. We have a team of SAP Mobility experts with high experience in consultation and implementation.

SAP Asset Manager

SAP Asset Manager is a mobile application, part of the next generation SAP Intelligent Asset Management solution portfolio. It provides online and offline access to actions and insights that enable quick and simple implementation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) processes. Liberate your workforce to install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets using mobile devices when out in the field.

Nowadays, maintenance is present in almost all corporate sectors and fulfils a key role as a business process. The top priority of the companies in terms of maintenance processes is to have the best possible solution in their hands, so they can reliably and safely manage all tasks related to their equipment to be maintained. It is not an exaggeration to say that the current level of development of the industry demands 100% mobility, instant access to information, and a high level of availability in the maintenance sector as well.

SAP Work Manager

With the SAP Work Manager mobile app, you have the tools needed to improve workforce safety and optimize asset life and reliability, as well as streamline processes by eliminating paperwork and shortening work cycles. The mobile app accesses the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution and empowers your workforce with everything needed to efficiently install, inspect, maintain, and repair assets in the field from an Android device.

Key features of SAP Work Manager:

  • Access equipment and functional location details, repair history, and materials needed in real time
  • View and create work and service orders, operations, measurement documents, material confirmations, and set order status
  • Create plant maintenance and service notifications, tasks, items, and activities
  • View linear asset data for assets and work, as well as inspection rounds and PRT
  • Report time and attendance (CATS)
  • Get geospatial content, and view 2D and 3D graphic models within work orders, notifications, and assets
  • Equipment and Functional location master data

SAP Inventory Manager

With the SAP Inventory Manager mobile app, you have the tools needed to improve and manage inventory levels, efficiently fill customer orders, and track the movement of materials using mobile devices with scanning functionality. The mobile app accesses the SAP Enterprise Asset Management (SAP EAM) solution and empowers you to provide your technicians and warehouse management staff with the ability to execute stockroom operations in an automated and seamless way, ensuring that you keep your valuable parts and spares under control and ready to respond.

Key features of SAP Inventory Manager:

  • Perform physical and cycle counts quickly, and check availability of materials while on the job
  • Accept and distribute incoming materials by PO
  • Pre-pick materials based on work orders
  • Track materials by number, work order, bin, location, and so on
  • Issue, return, or transfer goods electronically
  • Speed receipt and back-order reporting to and from shipping/receiving
  • Manage purchase requisitions, stock transport orders, and outbound delivery documents