An AI-powered IT self-service chatbot and enterprise support platform that uses machine learning and natural language processing to address IT support queries.


How iAssist works?

Current Pain

Organizations moving towards digitalization brings up more apps into Enterprise IT systems. COVID-19 pandemic pushes every organization to  the digitalize their business processes mush faster.  Issue with any software application hurts employer productivity due to the current IT support strategy. User needs to create support ticket through Call center/ITSM Portal and support team will reach the user to address the issue. Wait time for the resolution is high based on the technicality of the issue.

Our Solution

iAssist integrates well with ITSMs and CRMs to create a Machine Learning Chatbot Model by loading the existing closed tickets which automates IT Support and Customer Support as a self service for the end users.

Features & Benefits

  • 24/7 Support Availability
  • Instant Response
  • Automation and orchestration
  • Quick Ticket Resolution
  • Incident Management
  • Outage Management
  • Proactive Engagement
  • Access & Authorization Management
  • Improved Employee Productivity
  • Cost Optimization
  • Seamless Integration among Communicators and ITSMs

Use Cases

  • IT Self Service
  • Real Time IT Support
  • Ticket Categorization & Assignment
  • Access Governance
  • Password Reset
  • Knowledge Management
  • FAQs
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